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Dorband-Howe House Museum

Founded in 1980, the Homewood Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of Homewood, Illinois, history. Homewood is located 25 miles south of Chicago. The Society is housed in the Christian Dorband-Charles Albee Howe House Museum, an 1891 workingman’s cottage constructed of “HOMEWOOD” stamped bricks. The museum is staffed by volunteers and features exhibits and collections of local history.

Dorothea Dorband at the site of the now-Homewood Historical Society Museum. Photograph courtesy of Homewood Historical Society.

Officers & Directors, 2022-2023

President, Rose Olsar
Vice President, Elaine Egdorf
Director, Ken Biagi (2025)
Director, Joan Brazzale (2025)
Director, Chuck Hecht (2025)

Secretary, Karen Smith
Treasurer, Mary Ann Boggs
Director, Dixie Mitchell (2024)
Director, Jim Wright (2024)
Director, Mary McDermed (2023)

Past Presidents

1980-1983 Elaine Egdorf
1984 Mary Murdoch
1985-1986 Mary Woodland
1987-1989 Margaret Kuch
1990-1992 Elaine Egdorf
1993-1995 Gerald Egdorf
1996 James Wright
1997-1999 Elaine Egdorf

2000-2002 James Wright
2003-2005 Karen Smith
2006-2008 James Wright
2009-2011 Dixie Mitchell
2012-2014 James Wright
2015-2017 Dixie Mitchell
2018-2020 James Wright
2021-2022 Rose Olsar

2021 Homewood Beautification Award Winner

For the sixth consecutive year, the Dorband-Howe House Museum has won a Homewood Beautification Award. Although the 2020 ceremony was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HHS representatives received the 2021 award from Homewood Mayor Richard Hofeld (second from left). HHS Building and Grounds Committee members (L-R) include Chuck Hecht (Chair), Tom Kelly, and Irv Anderson.

Photograph courtesy of H-F Chronicle.

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