Volunteer Opportunities

From the Homewood Brickyard on 183rd Street, an original “HOMEWOOD” brick to recognize the Volunteer of the Year is on display
at the Dorband-Howe House Museum. Photograph courtesy of Kristine Condon.

We’re always looking for volunteers to work inside and outside of the Dorband-Howe House Museum. Are you a painter? A gardener? Interested in being a tour guide? E-mail us at homewoodhistorical.illinois@gmail.com or call (708) 799-1896 and tell us what interests you!

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award, voted upon by the membership at the May Annual Meeting, recognizes volunteerism above and beyond the call of duty from one HHS member. Members awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award three times are named Lifetime Volunteers and are ineligible for future awards. A plaque recognizing these volunteers is displayed at the Dorband-Howe House Museum.

While COVID-19 kept us from having a 2019-2020 or a 2020-2021 winner, we congratulate our 2021-2022 winner, Ken Biagi.

The 2019 Volunteer of the Year winner, Mark Leschuck (right), with HHS President Jim Wright, receives the traveling Volunteer of the Year “HOMEWOOD” brick. Photograph courtesy of Kristine Condon.

Prior Volunteer of the Year Recipients

Beginning in 1985-1986, HHS awarded an Outstanding Service Award to an exceptional volunteer. Beginning in 1993-1994, the award was renamed the Volunteer of the Year Award, with a traveling “HOMEWOOD” brick circulating to each year’s winners.

Lifetime Volunteers of the Year (three-time winners) are noted with an asterisk (*) next to year of the award.

2021-2022 Ken Biagi
2020-2021 Not Awarded
2019-2020 Not Awarded
2018-2019 Mark Leschuck
2017-2018 Megan Whalen*
2016-2017 Megan Whalen
2015-2016 Elfrieda Heuer & Dixie Mitchell
2014-2015 Joanne Biagi
2013-2014 Tom Kelly, Megan Whalen,
& Jim Wright*
2012-2013 Chuck Hecht*
2011-2012 Chuck Hecht
2010-2011 Joan Brazzale
2009-2010 Karen Smith
2008-2009 Rose Olsar
2007-2008 Chuck Hecht
2006-2007 Richard Condon*
2005-2006 Richard Condon
2004-2005 Mary McDermed & Jim Wright

2003-2004 Richard Condon
2002-2003 Mary McDermed
2001-2002 Kristine Condon*
2000-2001 Kristine Condon
1999-2000 Pat Bannon*
1998-1999 Pat Bannon & Kristine Condon
1997-1998 Pat Bannon
1996-1997 Elaine Egdorf*
1995-1996 Jerry Egdorf
1994-1995 Bart Jerner & Jim Wright
1993-1994 Tom Kelly
1992-1993 No Award
1991-1992 Margaret Kuch
1990-1991 Bob Foster
1989-1990 Elaine Egdorf & Jerry Egdorf
1988-1989 Cathy Kloss & Mable Smedley
1987-1988 Harvey Dean
1986-1987 No Award
1985-1986 Betty Dean & Elaine Egdorf

Young Historian Award

This award is presented at the discretion of the HHS Board of Directors to a youth who demonstrates sincere commitment to, and interest in, the preservation of Homewood history.

1999 Megan Whalen,
HHS Member

2002 Joseph Torres, Glenwood School

2004 Sean Cassidy Powers, Homewood-Flossmoor
High School

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